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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Linda's Trip - Day 7

Day 7 - Friday

I got some great surprises from my wonderful hubby today!

Aren't these beautiful... New fishies...

We took it pretty easy today since we had a pretty full week so far and we were going to drive to OKC to pick up Bryan (Carey's bro) and Brenton (Carey's nephew).

So this is what we did today...

Carey playing x box 360... His favorite new game Dirt... Momma L doing her cross word before we left for the airport...
The plane, of course, was delayed due to some problems in Dallas so we were in limbo as to when to leave. We decided to make it an adventure to pick up the rest of the family. My parents, me, Carey and Linda drove to the city in my dad's van and when we picked Bryan and Brenton up, we were quite packed out! (no pics from the airport...the last time I took pics in the airport, I thought my camera was going to get confiscated!) We were all starving so we headed to Texas Roadhouse to fill up our bellies! It was so crowded and sooo loud! We were all glad to get out of there! We headed back home with most of the group falling asleep in the car! We are so glad you are here Bryan and Brenton! We all crashed early because we have a big day tomorrow....

God Bless You!

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