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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nana and Papa

Just wanted to give you an update on my Nana and Papa. We moved them from out of the retirement community they were in back to their house yesterday. It was a pretty good day for Nana once she got home. Please keep them and our family in your prayers as they face a battle of many ups and downs.

God Bless You!

Colorado and Missouri

Carey headed out this morning to Missouri to see the family and of course...to go hunting! He is so excited! I hope he sees some BOB's out there! and gets a doe or two for that awesome jerky!!!

I am headed to Denver, CO for a middle school conference tomorrow and will be back Saturday night. That means Gran and Grandpa get to dogsit our little Chloe! We will miss her so much!

Have an awesome week and a blessed weekend!

God Bless You!

Arkansas Weekend!

This is a quote from my sister in law and it speaks for itself...
"you know you are a redneck when your idea of a great weekend is loading up the kin folk and the firearms and heading out to Arkansas!"

Well call me a red neck and check out our great weekend! LOL!!!

We loaded up the kinfolk (mom, dad, Carey, Chloe and me) and headed to Arkansas to meet my brother, my neice, my nephews and his girlfriend Alicia and her two kiddos. We had a fun filled weekend! We arrived Friday night and ate dinner with the entire family and were able to meet Alicia's mom, stepdad, two sisters and their families. After dinner we headed to a Haunted Forest which the kids liked alot! Saturday, we got up and watched Ike play football and he got an interception! Then we headed to Alicia's house to get ready for the Halloween party she was having. Carey brought the firearms and the older kids were able to shoot out in the pasture. Lots of fun!

After everything was set up, it was dress up time! We had so much fun dressing up and the kids had a great time too! They had a hayride, a bonfire that Carey built, music for the kids to dance to, night time volleyball and lots and lots of food!!! Who could ask for anything more?????????

Thanks Alicia for an awesome weekend! Love ya!

Me, Jess and Carey...a preview of what the weekend holds!

Me, Hunter, Carey and Mikey

Ike playing football!

The view behind Alicia's house!

I got skillz!!!!

Love this pic of Jess and me!!! So many people think we look alike...what do you think?

Ike looks like a natural!

Now that is the pro!!!

Jess's first time shooting a shotgun!

The gun I will use when I get my first deer! (positive thoughts!)

The crew (minus dad and Carey since they didn't dress up!) Alicia as a gypsy fortune teller, Shane as a pirate, Hunter as the Incredible Hulk, Jessica as a mummy, Gran as a pig in a blanket, Mikey as a Jedi, me as a Zombie Hunter and Chloe has her Halloween shirt on too!

Carey, Mikey, Jess and me....what a great face Mikey!

See what happens when you talk back to your wife???

How do you kill already dead people?

The newest Leighow family portrait! Maybe I'll blow this one up and hang it over the fireplace!

Who looks meaner?

Shane, Alicia and Mikey going on the hayride!

Mom and Dad by the bonfire that Carey made!

Lauren dressed up as a tight rope walker! She is so cute!

Mikey and Ike...Ike is Harry Potter!

Hunter has big muscles just like the Incredible Hulk!

Hunter and Mikey excited for the hayride!!!!

God Bless You!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The A,B,C's of Life...Ants, Birthdays and Cake

So, I am sure you have heard of the phrase "Ants in your pants" right? Well, have you ever really thought about it and put yourself in that frame of mind? I unfortunately did!

This are the definitions for "Ants in your pants"....

1. If someone has ants in their pants, they are agitated or excited about something and can't keep still. 2. To be nervous or anxious or jumpy; to be unable to sit still. 3. If you had 'ants' (small insects) in your 'pants' (clothing) you would probably feel like jumping around.

Synonym: antsy
1) The children had ants in their pants, so we took them outside for some exercise.

2) Would you please stop tapping your foot?! You must have ants in your pants!

That is just a background.....I'm sure most people would say that phrase used as an idiom and not literally.

I can use it literally now! We were out front of Frontier City having Jessie's birthday party and I was the only one standing on this particular side of the picnic table. I was busy helping light the candles (a million times cuz the wind was being typical Oklahoma wind!), cutting the cake and picking up the presents Jess was opening. I kept sorta fidgeting and feeling like something was tickling my leg so I would use one leg to scratch the other leg. This went on for several, several minutes. I was off in my own little world to be honest and when I finally came back to reality, I looked down and saw my shoes and my legs from the knees down were covered in red ants! I took off running and flailing about not making any kind of sense but had no idea what to do! Carey and my mom were chasing after me all while I am scrambling and beating on my legs and thighs and stomach and anything else I could slap all in the parking lot with loads of people walking by...I am sure they thought I was having a seizure or something! (Hence the phrase running around like you have ants in your pants!) :)

Carey herded me (literally like he was on a horse and I was the cattle because he wasn't trying to touch me)into a porta potty (which I HATE!) and I proceeded to take my clothes off in this nasty portable bathroom! I tried to shake the ants off into the toilet and if you have ever been in one, you know you don't have the most room in it and I have no idea where the ants were going as I was trying to shake them (all the while also balancing on one shoe, holding my breath and trying to not touch anything in there!) It was quite a feat! By this time, my dad had gotten the car and drove it up to where we were so I could get in. I managed to dress myself and then proceeded to throw myself in the car where I could undress again! Most of the ants were off of me at this point so I was doing detective work to see where all I had gotten bit (legs, back, thighs, foot, chest). Luckily dad had some itching cream and mom had a benedryl for me to take so that I could enjoy the rest of the day!

*****Side note...The bites became these large red inflamed puss pockets so I went to the doctor and I found out I was allergic to the ants. Just par for the course! I am still taking antibiotics as we speak!*****

*****One more side note...the whole time I was blogging about this, I was itching like crazy all over my whole body like they were crawling on me again!*****

So now to the fun stuff....Jessie had her 10th Birthday on the 10th! It was an awesome day! For her birthday, her daddy is letting her totally redo her room including painting it four different colors! So needless to say, her presents were all about her new room!

Fuzzy blanket
Cool rug
Gran, Grandpa, Daddy, Jessie, Hunter and Mikey
Grandpa holding all the gifts!
Purple comforter
Different color curtains
Fuzzy pillows and teddy bear
Aunt Sissy, Uncle Carey, Jess, Mikey and Hunter
Picnic party in front of Frontier City (the place I was attacked!)
Blowing out all those candles!
More gifts and fun friends!
Jess is ready for some fun!
Not sure if Grandpa is though!
Carey and me decked out in our Crimson and Cream, but it turned out to be a VERY sad day....
YEAH! This is fun!!!
Now we are talking! WAY FUN!!!!
Okay...maybe not so much fun anymore!!!!
Jess and me doing the twist!
I had a side cramp after all that twisting and shaking!
Jess was called on stage and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her!
The emcee was a little scary looking!
Carey, Lauren and Ike fixing to ride a roller coaster! Fun times!

Chloe Faith Leighow

Just a quick picture of her pumpkin shirt that lights up! Some might say she might be just a teeny weeny bit spoiled!

God Bless You!

The Mix Ministries

Carey was fortunate enough to preach last night during the mid high and the high school youth services at church since two of our youth pastors had been gone all week. God really spoke to him about the vision He wanted him to portray so he had been working on his sermon for several weeks. He put together a human video to the song "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath. If you haven't heard it yet, it is a MUST! Oh how the world would be so different if we could see it through our Father's eyes! The video went off without a hitch and then God really used Carey as a portal to speak to our young people. The Holy Spirit was so strong in that sanctuary that I didn't want to leave! All of our Wednesday night services are awesome and the reason this one was different was because I was able to watch God work behind the scenes the weeks leading up to last night! Praise God for all the salvations that occurred and we will continue rejoicing in His daily blessings!

Carey building the cross...

Here is a pic of the cross he built with cinder blocks during one of the services...

Thanks to all the students who helped with the human video, Christina (my scurrier), Colton and Sarah who really helped us out last night! We love you guys! We feel so blessed to be a part of such an incredible vision for this generation at First Assembly!

God Bless You!

Monday, October 20, 2008

OU Cheer Alum Weekend

What a weekend we had! We drove up to Norman for practice on Friday night and it was so good to see everyone! In case you don't know, OU has an alum game for the cheerleaders every other year and we get to catch up and pretend that we are still young and in the shape that we were in! (That is definitly not the case! I am still sore from just two days of it!!!) Me, Carey, mom, dad, Shane and Alicia all went to the game and it was great family fellowship for us all! Thanks for coming to support me!

Here are just a few of the pics from the game....
These are the girls I cheered with at some point in my 4 years at OU
Building our stunt
The BIG A!!!
Now this is the OLD School group! These are the ones who started the All Girl Squad and the ones who were on co-ed that year!
Practice at the OU Football Indoor Facility!
Steph can still pull that stretch! She was my flier at OU!
Carey and me
The entire OU Cheer Alum group!
Carey and me on the field!
"U" Baby!
Sooner Chant!
I feel so at home on the field! I love the smell of the grass and sweat and the feel of the sun beating down and the sound of the pads knocking together!!!!!
Go Murray!
Cool Shot!
Pick it up D! We need Mike Stoops back!
Bradford back to pass...
Punting time...
Me and Bubba
Bradford shuttle pass
Alicia and me!
Carey is even doing a #1! I converted him!!!!
Alicia, Shane, Mom and Dad
Look at those stats! Record Breaking stats!!!
Nice victory!
Stoops running off the field in victory!

If you would like to see more.....click on the link below to see them all from the weekend! http://www1.snapfish.com/share/p=861201224524994590/l=436887281/g=6058229/otsc=SYE/otsi=SALB

Saturday morning before the game, we headed to watch Mikey and Jess play soccer. Mikey scored 2 goals and Jess scored the only goal that her team had! Mikey is number 37! Great job guys!

Thanks for letting us crash at your house Bubba!

God Bless You!