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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love America!!!

On July 4, 2009 at Elmer Thomas Park in Lawton, OK, Carey Leighow will be ministering and performing for a city wide festival called I Love America hosted by Lawton First Assembly of God and Cameron Baptist Church.

Carey stands 5’11” and weighs 270 pounds and has bench pressed over 500 pounds. He joined the US Army where he was immediately recruited for the Special Operations Unit and became an expert marksman. After intense mental and physical training, Carey went on to fight in the real-life battle portrayed in the movie “Black Hawk Down”. The movie was made about him and his team. He has also guarded President Clinton and Air Force One.

Carey has been a member of both The Power Team and Team Impact for 13 and a half years. He and the other members used their talents to spread the gospel and inspire people around the world to make positive changes in their lives using visually explosive feats of strength to enthuse, astound and to inspire crowds from both the Christian and secular community. While serving in this ministry, he has traveled all over the world including a two week mission to Africa with Larry Jones speaking and performing to people of all ages. He has been seen on Walker Texas Ranger and numerous episodes of Team Impact Ministries on TBN. The team was even recognized by President George W. Bush and over 100 governors, senators and congressmen for the positive contributions they have made to the lives of America's youth. He recently retired from the feats of strength ministry after tearing his achilles tendon in two during a school assembly in Ohio and having major reconstructive surgery.

He is now actively involved in Lawton First Assembly of God and The Mix Ministries Youth Program. Carey works for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections where he is able to share the gospel on a daily basis with men who desparately need to hear the truth.

Come check out I Love America and hear Carey's testimony and God's delivering power from drugs, alcohol, anger and family violence!

Here are some pictures taken from the last few years....

Crushing a can with his bare hands!
Headbreak during fire!
Snapping a bat in two!
Giving the Glory to the Cross!!!
Children's Church Time!
An amazing Alter Call!!! Praise the Lord for all the decisions!
Double Palm Break in fire!
Elbow Break!!
Carey and one of God's children!
Bending 2 inches of steel for a triple bar bend!
Triple Bar Bend!
Forearm Ice Break!
Preaching in Jasper, Texas!
Headbreak - Before!
Headbreak - After!
Speaking at a school assembly in Statesboro, Georgia!
Elbow Break - Before!
Elbow Break - After!
Forearm Break in fire!
Ripping a phonebook in two!
Before a school assembly!
Forearm Break!
Bending two frying pans into the shapes of burritos!!
Speaking at a school assembly in West Virginia!
Spinning fire in his hand!
Blowing up a hot water bottle until it explodes!
Ripping a phone book in half!

God Bless You!