"Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet."



Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!!!

I celebrated my Halloween last night. Carey got to hunt with Coach Kemp's husband while she and I went to the Cement Halloween Carnival with her daughter Ashley. It was so much fun! We even went through a haunted house!!! I got to do the cake walk and the soda walk...took me back to the carnival days at good ole Central High! They even had a jail too!!!!! I wish I was a little kid again sometimes!!!

I have to tell you my worst halloween memory....when I was about 6 or 7, my mom dressed me in my ballerina outfit and I had on my tutu, my leggings and even my tap shoes with the red crayons holding it together. I lived in the country, so my parents would drive to the end of each person's driveway and then I would get out and run to the door and run back to the car. Well, this one dreadful evening, I got out at the end of the Pittman's driveway and I knocked on the door and I got homemade cookies. Now as I child, who wants homemade cookies..I wanted the hard stuff...candy from the store!!! So already a little disappointed, I make my way up the long gravel driveway and I hear footsteps gaining on me! I turn around and a huge black dog is running after me! He was barking and panting and slobbering and whatever else a mean dog does! I take off running and what do I do.....I fall on the gravel, skin my knees up and tear holes in my leggings! I, for some reason, tried to pick up the cookies crying hysterically and dash back to the car. Just to top things off....the cookies were old and stale!!!! Needless to say, I never trick or treated at that house again!!!

I hope your Halloween is better than that one!

God Bless You!

Okay, Okay....October Review

So after some "pushy" people commenting that I am not blogging enough, here goes the latest in the Leighow life! (with no pics by the way!) Just kidding T Tommie Reid and Nat...I love you guys and am thankful that someone reads our blog!

So OU beat Texas and I was super pumped about that! My mother-in-law (Momma L) was in town for the week and she is from Texas so.....she walks out of her bedroom Saturday morning wearing a burnt orange Texas shirt...yes people I had a Texas fan sitting in my living room. I know, I know...I was a little flustered at first but I dealt with it and she took the football whooping with integrity! BOOMER!!!

That same weekend, Carey preached at my old church. He did a phenominal job and was an awesome portal to God. We had invited two of my high school volleyball girls to church that morning. Amber and Megan...they called that morning and said that they were on their way and we were so excited. Carey had really been testifying to Megan during our games this season. God had really put her on our hearts...and praise God...those two girls gave their life to Christ that morning! I was so proud of them! Please keep them in your prayers..we all know how hard it is in any aspect of life to be a Christian and to be a young Christian in high school is soooo hard!

The next weekend, Carey flew out on a crusade to Greenville, PA and his uncle became ill so he flew home and we headed to Dallas to see Uncle Bill. While we were there, we were able to go to Tabitha (Carey's cousin) and Ryan's wedding shower. It was a luau theme so what did Bryan (Carey's brother) and Carey do? They headed to the costume store to buy outfits. The bought grass skirts and couldn't find coconut bras so they made some! It was the funniest thing ever to see my husband and brother-in-law trying on these homemade bras on each other to make sure they fit just right! It was awesome! What made it even funnier was that we stopped a few blocks from the house the shower was being held and they were on the side of the road getting dressed. As people were driving by, walking their dog or pushing a baby stroller they were staring at these grown men putting skirts on with amazement....one of the passer buyers was Ryan's family!!! Needless to say, Tabitha and Ryan were quite suprised!

So on to the following week and weekend...Carey headed up to MO to do some bow hunting. I had to work for two and a half days so I met him up there Wednesday night. Before I headed out, we had our volleyball banquet. It was soooo neat!! Coach Kemp and I gave out awards to our girls and we had lots of families show up. We had over 65 people there! The girls in turn gave us some priceless gifts...Kemp got a scrapbook and a big picture that the girls signed and I got a volleyball and a big picture of the girls and they all signed both. It was a little emotional to see the season come to an end. Kemp and I have realized just how little/nil God is spoken in the home. We may not have been the best volleyball coaches but we definitly feel that God has placed us in their lives for a reason and vice versa. We hope we can continue being there for them when they need us to be.

Now it's Missouri time...I flew up Wednesday night and Carey had been hunting the past two days. He hadn't seen a whole lot in the acres behind the house so we headed up to the farm in Bosworth, MO. It is a beautiful drive and they have over 3000 acres so it just goes on and on and on. Once we got there and rested a bit, it was time for my first hunting trip with the hubby! (I am quite the experienced hunter since I went hunting ONE time before when I was in the 5th grade...I went Turkey hunting and only shot at some cans on the fence post!) I had never seen anyone bow hunt (except on the numerous shows we watch on tv but those don't really count.) Carey got me all decked out in his hunting gear and all my warm stuff underneath...if you know how cold I get, let me tell you that I was not cold! That is how bundled up I got...in fact, I was a bit warm! So now I am dressed and we get on the four wheeler and head down to the tree stand. We stop about 200 yards away and start walking oh so quietly towards the tree line. Now remember that I am in Carey's coveralls so I am having a hard time walking. I finally figured out if I grab the crotch area (which are down by my knees) and pull it up to the correct placement, I can actually walk normal! YEAH! Score 1 for me! We finally get down to the deer stand and Carey tells me that the ladder feels like it is not sturdy but he says "trust me, it is. Just be VERY quiet!" So he goes up first and it looks a little shaky but it's my turn next so here goes nothing. As I am crawling up the metal ladder that is nailed to the tree by two nails, I get about half way up and my legs start moving slower and my knees get to shaking...the WHOLE ladder is now shaking at this point! I look up at Carey and he is cracking up watching me work my way up the tree. Score another 1 for me! I finally get my knees to quit knocking and I just wanna sit down. He wanted me to sit on this little chair (that is the size one of my dolls would sit on) on the edge of this tree stand...um, I don't think so. I will just sit on the floor of the not so big tree stand. Now I am excited to keep a lookout for deer...I am ready...I am up in the tree...I am decked out in my outfit....and I look to my right and I see big black clouds heading our way. Carey thinks I am 5 and don't know what thunderheads look like and he says "they will go north of us." Uh, ok...NOT!!! So it begins to rain...I sit there not saying a word (another point for me...that makes 3 points) (Carey is waiting for me to say let's go in) and after about 10 minutes of pouring rain...it begins to hail!!!! I still sit there not saying a word (there's another point) (Carey is FOR SURE that I am going to say let's go) and after about 15 minutes of hailing, the lightening starts. At first it was just little bits of lighting up the sky and then KAPOW! I turn around and say "That was streak lightening!" Of course Carey is positive that I am going to flip out even more so he says "let's just wait it out". I turn around and just watch the lightening (add one more point to make 5) thinking about how there is a METAL ladder leading up to the tree stand, a METAL chair sitting in the tree stand and we are in the TOP of a tree and how my mom is going to kill me!!!! Then I began to think about what a great blog this would be...I think that kept me going throughout its duration. The storm stopped after about 30 minutes and my heart eventually slowed to a fast pace but not out of control like before. Well after quite a while I see a doe so I QUIETLY tell Carey. (that would be 6 points) From the position I am sitting at in the stand, the deer had walked behind the tree so I couldn't see it anymore. I was too scared to move an inch since I had been lectured to not move any if a deer was in sight. The next thing I know, Carey has pulled back and lets go of an arrow and I hear THWARP!!!! He got a doe! I of course see nothing and am sooo disappointed but happy that he got one. So we wait a while and then climb down out of the tree and start searching for blood. We found some and soon found the doe. Now as I am looking at this doe, I began to realize that she is going to have to ride on the back of the four wheeler all the way to the house touching me. You see, I am still unsure of this whole process. I love the meat and am okay with hunting...for other people to do though..just not sure about me. I have no choice but to hang on to the deer while we head back. It was a bit uncomfortable but I held on (another point to make 7). Once we got back, Carey said we had to clean it and I had to help gut it. Okay, I can do this. I watch him cut the deer up the middle and he nicks the stomach....EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I almost threw up..the smell was horrendous! I had to hold a leg while he did this with one hand and I was holding my nose with the other (I am now up to 8 points). Now came the make it or break it part....I had to hold open the rib cage with my bare hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am sooo up to 9 points!) During this entire process, I fought an internal battle within myself. I would look at it and think "Yeah, Carey got one!" and then I would see the toungue hanging out the side of the mouth and think "awwww.... how sad." Then I would think how cool it was to be with him and to watch him in his element and then I would look at those big brown eyes and wanna cry....I am still unsure which side of me won that arguement! So that was my hunting trip!!! Add up the total points and put an extra one on there for effort and I came up with ten! So Carey got a 10 point wife!!!! LOL!!! Sometimes I crack myself up!!!

The next week, Carey flew out to Knoxville IA and had a fantastic crusade! They were in a little town with around 7400 people and had over 1500 salvations!!! PRAISE GOD!!! It is so amazing how He works...you may go to a small town but when He is involved you better expect BIG miracles!!! During this week, one of my friends had her baby. His name is Jake Elliot and he is adorable! He is the exact replica of his dad! I started thinking about all the people who are prego or just had babies and I counted up 10 people that I am friends with!!! Holy moly!!! I guess that is the next step in my generation. Carey and I want kids, we are just waiting a little while before we take that step. SO QUIT ASKING!!!!!!!

Friday night, my parents and I went to Trinity Baptist Church and they were putting on the Judgement House. If you have never been to one, it is an eye opening experience. It is a play that you walk through rooms to see different scenes and they have a very scary hell scene and an awesome heaven scene! If any church hosts one near you, you should try and go see it. On Sunday night, I went to my old church to see the play Heaven or Hell. Four of my volleyball girls came with me! YEAH!! I am so excited that they are willing to go to events like this!

Also, on October 28, Carey's Uncle Bill went to be with the Lord. Even though we know that he is no longer in pain and is young again and filled with the utmost of joy, it is hard for the flesh to feel the same. Please pray for the entire family as they go through this difficult time.

Carey is in Decatur, Alabama this week on a crusade. He is with JC, Matt and Janet. Please keep the Power Team in your prayers for an awesome turnout this week!!!!

Unfortunately, Carey is unable to go to Uncle Bill's funeral so mom and I are headed down to Dallas to stay with Momma L and the rest of the family for the funeral tomorrow. Once again, please remember them in your prayers!

I hope this brings everyone up to date on the Life of the Leighow's.

God Bless You!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

28-21...NUFF SAID!!!


Bevo...the next white meat!!!!

Today had its ups and downs. We attended a funeral this morning for a family friend who passed away this week. He was a die hard OU fan so I'm sure he is celebrating today! Please keep the McCarter family in your prayers.

We cooked a big lunch today for Momma L, mom and dad. We had a great time eating and watching the game! Linda is from Texas so she busted out her burnt orange shirt!!!!! When I first saw it, it knocked the breath out of me but I soon regained my breath and realized that the score of the game would speak for itself! (I still love ya Momma L!)

OU BEAT TEXAS!!!!! The game was great because we got a W but our special teams need a little bit of tweaking!!! And our penalties...good grief!

Lead em Up Bradford!!!

That's 7 points!!!

HUGE FUMBLE!!! Great job Defense!

Add another 7!!!!

DJ Wolfe is from L-Town!!!!

Red River Champs!!!

Carey is preaching tomorrow at Letitia so please keep him and the church in your prayers!

God Bless You!