"Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet."



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have been tagged!

I was tagged by Nat so here goes...

10 years ago:
I was a sophomore at OU and living in the sorority house with Deanna (my suite mate in the dorms), Andrea (her little sis) and Brandi (my big sis) and cheering for John Blake on the field in front of not too many happy football fans!

Things on my to do list today:
Be the best nurse I can be to Carey!

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire?
First off, pray about what to do with the money! After all, it's His money first! Second, pay off our house and any debts that we owe, set up college funds for future children as well as nieces and nephews, make sure that mom and dad and Momma L are set for the rest of their lives. And get Carey the truck that he has been wanting!!!!

Three of my bad habits:
1.) Biting my nails (even though I have fake ones, I still bite on them!)
2.) Gossiping (I have been working on this one and turning it over to the Lord!)
3.) Procrastination

Five jobs I have had:
1.) Worked as gymnastics coach at the YMCA with 3,4 and 5 year olds for a summer
2.) Worked as a sales person for Harold's Outlet Clothing Store in Norman for two months
3.) Coached at a cheerleading and tumbling gym in Moore for 5 years
4.) Taught at Central Middle School for 7 years and coached cheerleading for 3 years, softball for 2 years, basketball for one year, volleyball for 3 years and track for 4 years.
5.) Coached at a cheerleading and tumbling gym in Lawton for 1 year

Five things people don't know about me:
1.) I am scared of the dark!
2.) I love skim milk and could drink it with any food!
3.) I still sleep with a bear that I got at my 10th birthday!
4.) I am fearful about being a good mommy!
5.) When I blow my nose, it is like a fog horn! I don't do it around many people!!!!

I tag these people: Erin and Josh, Liz, Tommie, Amy, Kristen, Meghan and anyone else that wants to!! Copy and paste into yours and fill in your answers!

You're it!!

God Bless You!

Today was the day...

that Carey had surgery! We left this morning at 4:30 am to be in North OKC by 6:00 am. It was me, Momma L, Mom and Dad who drove up in the van with him. My brother Shane showed up after we arrived and Bryan (Carey's bro) was there via phone! :) Carey and I both appreciate Momma L for flying in to help take care of him the first few days and for mom and dad for getting up so early to drive us there and to just be there for support. We also appreciate and love Shane (who rearranged his work day to be there) and Bryan (who was ready to get on a plane at the drop of a hat to be here) for their concerns and prayers!

Surgery went well according to the doctor. We praise God for giving the doctor the steady hands to do the job, the nurses for their caring hearts and the anaesthesiologist for his smarts! The Lord kept Carey safe throughout the procedure and we raise our hands in praise to Him!!!

Dr. Funderburk explained everything to us and made sure we understood what occurred and what will occur in the upcoming weeks. Carey has about two inches of gauze around his foot and then fiberglass lightly around that to make up his first cast. They have his foot pointed down to relieve any tension on the Achilles tendon. We go back in two weeks to have the cast taken off, staples removed and another cast put on.

Here is a pic of his foot (I took this while he was sleeping!)

He was given a pain blocker from his knee down to help with pain the first 24 hours. He has been sleeping majority of the day which is essential in the healing process!

Please continue to keep him in your prayers! Prayers to deal with pain, patience and understanding!

Thank you to all of you that have called, texted or commented with concerns, thoughts and prayers for him! It really means alot to us! We love you!

God Bless You!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Surgery Set...

So Wednesday is the big day. Carey will have surgery to repair his Achilles Tendon which is torn in two. Yes, that's right. It is severed. According to the surgeon, "he did it good!" He will be in a splint cast for two weeks and then they will put on an actual cast for at least two more weeks. He will be on crutches for at least four weeks with no weight bearing. After that, only the good Lord knows what will happen. They will see how he is healing and decide whether to take the cast off or what the next step is. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!

All we can do right now is to thank God for his injury and to look forward to the lesson He is going to teach us. At church, we have been learning about trust and putting ALL of our trust in our Father. These are the sermons I have listend to the past two weeks and they were sure delivered at the right time...there is no place like the present to put these principals to the test.

T - Take an inventory...are we really putting all of our trust in God? It starts with us trusting and God will do the rest! The devil wants us to trust ourselves and not put it all in His hands.

R - Recognize God as our source...God gives us the power, strength and breath to make it through each day and any trials and tribulations that we may face. We are ungreatful if we believe we can do it without God.

U - Understand God's principals...Who's in Charge (Who is going to run our lives...the One who created me and the One who knows me the best), To Give and Grow (We need to learn how to give if we want to grow with Him), Do it Now (Procrastination is straight from the Devil. He will make sure tomorrow never comes!), I'm in Debted to Him (we are in debt as soon as we are born to Him, we will never be blessed if we feel like we are owed), The Fountain of Youth (we live forever through our giving)

S - Surrender everything to God...We have to surrender everything that we have to Him. He will never give us more than we can carry and He will always be there to carry the part that is too heavy for us to carry alone! He expects us to surrender everything from family, finances, burdens, pain and sorrow. There is nothing we go through that God has not touched.

T - Trust God's promises....He will provide if we trust. He may not be early, be He will never be late. He is ALWAYS right on time.

Trust is something that is difficult for many people to give and to feel. I personally have had a hard time trusting people because my flesh has been burned but through God he has made me whole again and able to love and trust so deeply. So why is it that He is capable of teaching me to trust again but it is so hard to totally trust in Him?

I challenge each one of you to look at your life truthfully and ask yourself...do you trust Him???

These are just some things that God has put on my heart!

God Bless You!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Carey flew in to Lawton today around noon. He put on his best husband grin and escorted me to my great aunt's funeral, gravesite and famiy dinner afterwards. This was with moonboot and cane!!! Speaking of moonboot...Carey's new name is Cosmic Carey! Goes nice with Astronaunt Ashlee doesn't it???? (inside joke to some!)

We got him an appt with Dr. Funderburk in OKC at the Mcbride clinic at 10 tomorrow. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as we continue to find out the prognosis. We really appreciate all of you who are praying and have put him on your many prayer chains.

We'll keep you posted...

God Bless You!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Zanesville, OH

So Carey and the guys are in Zanesville, Ohio this week on another crusade. He has been home a week, started hitting the gym hard and ready to get back on the road again!

Around 1:45, I got a phone call from him with the 8 most dreaded words that come out of his mouth..."Baby, I need you to pray for me." (Realize that I LOVE to pray with and for Carey 100% of the time. When it is the way those words are said, it makes my heart drop into my stomach.) Those words are usually followed by me saying "What happened?" Then it's Carey's turn to tell me what horrific injury has just occurred. You see, I know this dialogue quite well since it has already happened twice...once when I knew him just a month and he REtore his pec and bicep and the second time when he thought he had broken two ribs (they were only bruised and he had a pulled muscle below the ribs). Well, that is exactly how it went today for the third time. His response was this "I think I just ripped my achilles tendon." WHAT?!?!? He was right. They took him straight to an orthopedic surgeon who did x-rays and MRI's confirming the severe tear in his right achilles.

He is flying home tomorrow and I will be in the process of getting him an appointment with a doctor in OKC ASAP. The surgeon in Ohio (who wanted to do the surgery up there on Friday) said it must be done within 10 days of the injury.

This is him in the hotel room propping the moonboot up. He wasn't even allowed to go to the crusade at the church tonight! Please keep Carey in your thoughts and prayers. He is in some major pain and will have a long recovery. Please pray for the Lord to have His will with him and also for him to keep his spirits high. I will keep you posted as we know more!

God Bless You!

The Impossible Quiz

So if you wanna get addicted to something, you gotta check this test out! It has 110 questions and I have yet to beat it! I am on question 56 and I have been doing it for two days!


If anyone beats it, let me know!

God Bless You!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Anniversary Day!

I AM THE LUCKIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD! I woke up this morning to breakfast in bed! We ate and then continued the morning by being lazy and watching some good ole tv while just veggin out! We didn't really exchange presents since for our anniversary we got a brand new king size mattress about a month ago! That was the best present ever! However, my hubby surprised me with OU valves for my car (that I have been begging for since Christmas), an OU basketball goal to hang on the door and the sweetest card I have ever seen! It was like it was written only for us! We got up and around and headed to eat dinner in Wichita Falls. We were going to go to the city but the weather put a damper on that idea!

We are in the car on the way to eat!

The sexy man himself at Cheddar's...

We put these on one year ago today at 1:30 pm with our Father and families watching over us...

When we came back to town, we decided it was time to eat our top tier of our wedding cake. We were both trying to figure out the meaning and history behind saving the cake for one year and then eating and here are the two things I found on line. If you know any other reason, please let us know!

Reason One...
The tradition is rooted in late 19th century when grand cakes were baked for christening of the first child. At that time, it was assumed that christening would occur soon after the wedding ceremony so the two ceremonies came to be linked along with the cakes. Gradually, wedding cakes became more elaborate and christening cake took a back seat. Later, when the custom of three-tier wedding cake emerged, the bottom tier was used for reception, the middle for distribution and the top for the christening. With the passage of time wedding became disassociated with christening as the time gap between the two events increased. Hence the reason for preserving top layer of the cake changed. Couples began to preserve it for their first anniversary and to remind themselves of their special day. In the UK, there is a tradition to send a piece of wedding cake to people who are unable to attend the ceremony and make them a part of celebrations.

Reason Two...
The one-year anniversary is the final rite of incorporation that closes the circle of the wedding journey. What began with the proposal or the decision to marry now comes to completion with this final rite. In our culture, the act of incorporation is materially symbolized by eating the leftover wedding cake. The tradition instructs the bride and groom to freeze the top layer of the cake so that it can be eaten on the one-year anniversary. The ritual of eating is a primary rite of incorporation in nearly every culture around the world. Partaking of the cake that was baked a year before is a way to bring the year into the body, come full circle, and complete a process that began with the engagement.

Whatever the real reason may be, we decided to do it because it is a tradition! It actually tasted good!

It's time to eat the top of our wedding cake!

Kisses for my man!

Can you tell it is in the shape of a heart?


Cutting the cake...

Such precise cutting techniques!

I wanna help too love!

Open wide!!!

MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! The cake was moist inside!!!

Good times!!!

God Bless You!

Our first Wedding Anniversary!

One year ago today, we were in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico getting ready for our wedding! We had Carey's mom Linda, brother Bryan, sister in law Carla, neice Bailey, nephew Brenton, my mom Jodie, dad Rick, brother Shane, neice Jessica, Uncle Bill, Grams Dorothy, Aunt Judy, cousin Erin, cousin Kayce, and Josh all with us. It was the best time of our lives!

On this very day one year ago, I married my very best friend and my soul mate. I am just so thankful that God made him and molded him just for me and that we both had the patience and the faith in our Father to let ourselves feel love so profoundly. I was just telling Carey the other day how truly happy I feel all the way to my core. My heart and soul are so filled with love that somedays I think I am going to burst! I never knew that I could love someone so much and honestly feel incomplete without him by my side!

We feel so blessed that our families have blended so well together. We are both very lucky to have such wonderful and loving families and it's the bigger the better!!! I now truly understand the meaning of "God's will." So much has happened in the past year and I am excited to see what the next year holds for us!

Thank you for praying for us and loving us before we knew each other and also now together as a couple. I know many people who were praying for our significant other for many years before we ever laid eyes on one another. PRAYERS DO WORK!!! We love you all!

Mom and Dad brought us a cookie cake for our anniversary!

I can't believe it's been a year!



My husband is hot!


Family Time

I just love being around my neice and nephews! One weekend, we had the boys and got to go to Hunter's basketball game where he scored two points! It's so cute, they stand on little spots on the court and take turns shooting! The following weekend we had Shane and Mikey's birthday party and all three kids! It was a great weekend of playing games just enjoying each other!

God Bless You!

Munday, TX

Carey's crusade in Munday was phenominial! We made some great friends and there were numerous salvations! Some of the guys from one of the host churches took us hog hunting...I went too! I also was able to spend some time with a very dear friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a few years! It was a great trip!

God Bless You!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Christmas in Missouri...

We spent a week and a half in Missouri over Christmas break! We had a great time!

I even hunted with Carey!

God Bless You!

I had to finish Christmas 07...

Christmas at my Nana and Papa's...

God Bless You!