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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Home Owners Fiasco's

Well, being a homeowner can be a tad stressful. While Carey was on the road last week, I broke our toilet. Here is what happened...The toilet was running all night and you know how a little sound can turn into a big sound after about 7 hours of it?? It began to sound like a huge waterfall in my right ear so I decided to go be Mr. Plumber myself and fix it. I ended up breaking the floaty ball off the handle and the water (which is bright blue) emptied from the tank into the toilet and was about to overflow! I panicked and tried to quickly turn off the water. I had this vision of my floor and walls being blue along with my bathroom mat! Thank goodness I got the water turned off before that happened! Needless to say, when Carey got home he had fun fixing it. He actually got into a fight with the toilet and I'm not sure who won! He came out blue along with my walls, baseboards and tile but by golly, that toilet works now and it sure doesn't run anymore! YEAH Honey!!! You are the best fix it man I know!!!

I also had another run in with some flooding when C was on his crusade. I accidentally over watered my corn plant and water poured out from it all over my new rug in the dining room while I was gone. When I got back home, the rug was soaked about from the edge to about two feet into the middle! I had to turn it back and put fans on it to dry it! Good grief! I have got some great luck!!!! I had it dried before my hubby came home so he didn't have to deal with it!

The next thing we dealt with this week was the alarm system. We are supposed to call and do a test each month to make sure we are hooked up correctly to the monitoring place. Carey tried doing that but the alarm would not go off! We had to get the alarm technician out here to fix it and guess what....it wasn't broken!!! Turns out, we didn't really know how to work the alarm!!!! How silly we felt when he left! OOPS!!!

The last fiasco was our air conditioning! Yesterday, I got back from volleyball practice and the house was kinda warm! With Carey being home, I knew right away that something was wrong! It was 85 degrees in our house and if you know anything about Carey, he was a little hot!!!!! The air conditioning company said someone would be out to fix it either that day or the next day! OH NO!!!! That didn't sound too promising but our luck was getting better and they showed up in the early evening to fix it. It was our transformer that needed to be fixed so we got a new one and the house began to cool down! YEAH!!!!

Now we have a cool home that we are so blessed to have!

God Bless You!!


tommiea said...

I hate house problems! I also do not like to be hot in my own house....

JR & Natalie said...

I just like envisioning your reactions to all these house problems!! It makes me laugh!

FeFe said...

Wow you guys, I love your new little site!! Too cute! These are the first pics we (Trey & I)have seen of your wedding!
Oh - and welcome to your first home and all the fun problems that come w/ it!
Well, we will definitely keep up w/ your post. We miss you guys, love ya.

Fe & Trey
(and Tapanga and Allie)