"Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet."



Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cast Number Four and other stuff...

So we went back to the doctor on Friday and much to Carey's dismay, he had another cast put back on. He had high hopes of being able to walk out in a "moon boot" but Dr. Funderburk said no way. He has a walking cast on until April 29. That is another 4 weeks with a cast! Needless to say, his spirits were a bit dampened leaving the office!
Pic of the scar before removing the bandages...

Some one needs a pedicure BIG TIME!!!!!

The scar actually looks pretty good! It's healing quite well!

Carey's new blue cast and so fashionable walking shoe!

After we got home, we went over to my Gram's house to play Uno with Grams, Aunt Judy, Uncle Mickey, Erin, Josh, Kayce and Brad. This has become a weekend ritual for us! I didn't play so well but Carey didn't do too bad!
I also received another birthday gift. It was from Grams, Aunt Judy, Uncle Mickey, Erin and Kayce.
It's the Main Ingredients Chile set! How cute is this!

I love the peppers! We love to entertain so this will definitely come in handy!
Thanks for an awesome night! We love you guys!

Today, we went to eat lunch out at Meers in the mountains with my mom and dad. If you haven't been there before, you are missing out! They are famous for their longhorn beef hamburgers and awesome cobbler! I always eat my cobbler and home made ice cream first and this time was no different! YUMMY!!!! You can check out their website...http://www.meersstore.com/ People come from all over to eat there. Thanks for a great lunch Mom and Dad!!! You guys are the best! You know just how to cheer us up! Right through our tummy's!!!!
The Meersburger!!!

On our way out to Meers, we saw a truck blow out a tire and flip just three cars in front of us. Everyone slammed their brakes on and Dad, Carey, mom and I got out and took off running to see if we could help. Carey and Dad helped get the couple out of the upside down truck. Thank the Lord, they were both wearing seat belts and were just scratched up. Mom and I tried to talk to the girl (a 21 year old who was visiting her boyfriend stationed at Fort Sill and from CA) and clean up some of her scratches and cuts. I had some handy wipes in my purse, water, napkins and band aides from the car. They were both so shaken up and also so very lucky! They had flipped on a bridge and thankfully they didn't flip OVER the bridge!

Sometimes it takes things like that to happen right in front of your eyes for you to realize all the blessings and security you have in your own life. We all go through our struggles and sometimes get so wrapped up in them and then you realize just how lucky you are. Our Father will never give us more than we can handle...all we have to do is have faith and just believe in Him and His miracles!

God Bless You!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Big Three Oh!!!

So today I turned 30...

I was a bit unsure how I was going to feel in the transition of leaving my 20's and entering my 30's. On one side, I was sad to be leaving the only part of adulthood I have ever known and yet on the other hand, I am so excited to see what my 30's have in store for me. In the past year and a half, my life has taken such a turn that I truly never imagined being where I am right now...I met the man that God had in store for me, fell in love, married my soulmate and best friend and bought a house. Which brings me back to being excited for the future...only my Father knows what is in store for us next year and I am anxiously awaiting each day!

I have wonderful friends and family who wanted to make sure that I had a fabulous day! At midnight last night, my hubby told me happy birthday and I got a text from Lisa too! My day started off with a phone call from my parents singing to me and then my Grams singing to me and so many texts from my friends and family and I left the house with a big smile on my face! I arrived at school and found my room decorated in black and numerous "over the hill" signs! Brandon, Charlotte, Chris, Judy and Teresa all had a hand in making sure I felt old today! I wore a crown that said 30, a necklace that read 30 and a pin with lips that said "Kiss me! I'm 30!" They all made my day even better! I had some gifts from the Levinson's which helped add to my OU collection! BOOMER! I continued to get texts, emails and phone calls from so many people...some with mean things to say and others with sweet things...no matter what was said, they were all thinking of me! Here are some pics of my day!

The DEATH table with black roses!
My throne doused in black!
The front part of my classroom...notice the wheelchair!
They even got a hold of my computer!
My cake is so pretty and tasted oh so good!
Lighting the candles!
Me and Brando Lane!
Nice face! Those cheeks are a family trait!
They were trick candles!

My parents, Carey, me, Nana, Papa and Aunt Nay Nay went to Red Lobster for the birthday dinner. Mine is today and my Nana's is tomorrow so we always celebrate it together! It was a great meal and we had lots of fun with me still wearing my "30" jewelry!

The wonderful parents who brought me into this world!
How blessed am I??? I have a great family!
Papa, Nana and Me!
Me and Aunt Nay Nay
I love my husband so much! He is the best!
Happy Birthday Nana!
They are singing to us birthday girls! It was a little embarrassing!
Opening presents!
MMMM..I love the smell of my candle!
A new OU shirt!
Love my Reef flip flops!
A new COACH purse!!! WHOO HOO!!!
My beautiful plant and balloons that my awesome parents and wonderful brother gave me!

I had such a wonderful day and love and appreciate each and every one of you who helped make it so special!

God Bless You!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Time...

I have been looking for this weekend for months! Carey's mom flew in Wednesday (it was supposed to be Tuesday but that is a long story...let's just say it took her eight hours to leave Kansas City and fly right back to it!) and Bryan, Carla, Brenton and Bailey came in on Friday. I picked up Jessica, Hunter and Mikey Friday morning and all the kids were so excited to spend some time together! Friday afternoon we all dyed Easter eggs! It was so much fun! The kids seemed to really enjoy it!
They each decorated a dozen eggs!
Hunter and Mikey made a lot of the sports eggs!
Smile Bailey!
Love the egg Brenton!Jess did a fabulous job with her eggs!
After dying eggs, we all loaded up into the cars and headed to the mountains. We ate at Riverside Cafe in Medicine Park and the kids had a great time feeding the fish. We drove up Mount Scott and it was so beautiful and such a beautiful day!
The five kids posing pretty!
Mikey is so cute!
Look at those muscles Hunter!
Jess, Hunter and Mikey
Bailey just kickin it...Brenton just chillin...

Today, we all loaded up (Carey, me, Linda, Bryan, Carla, Bailey, Brenton, Mom, Dad, Shane, Jess, Hunter, Mikey, Nana, Papa and Uncle Bill) and headed out to Aunt Nay Nay's house to meet Nay Nay, Uncle Ronnie, Kourtney, Emma, Joseph, JR, Nat, Holly and Luke for a big Easter shin dig! This morning, Papa and I made 5 dozen deviled eggs and they were sure good! We had smoked meat, honey ham, potato salad, slaw, baked beans and some really awesome dessert including Momma L's brownie chocolate cake! I got to finally meet Luke (check out the Thrasher's blog if you don't know who that is) and play with him! He is so precious! **Cody and Holly...you have a beautiful baby!** After we stuffed our faces so full it was ridiculous, it was time to hunt the Easter Eggs! There were over 200 eggs hidden and some had candy and others had money in them! Emma found one!
Nana, Uncle Bill and Papa watching all the kids find the eggs!
Emma and Hunter found an egg hiding on Uncle Carey as Linda and Bryan were watching!
Emma and Hunter looking for one of the prize eggs!
Everyone was getting in on the egg hunting action!
Check those plants Joseph!
You found a prize egg Mikey!
Did you find it Brenton?
Bailey being sweet and helping Mikey out!
Shane helping Mikey count his eggs!
Jess is searching for the hard hidden ones!
Bryan helping Mikey proudly show off his egg!
What a great looking group!

Thank you to all of our family that helped make this day such a success! Please know that your hard work is well noted! We love you!

We had a great day filled with family and fun but please don't forget the true purpose of Easter...Jesus' ressurection! We pray many blessings upon each of you and your families!

God Bless You!