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Friday, July 20, 2007

Linda's Trip - Day 5

Today was my first day of volleyball practice so I had to get up early while Carey and Momma L slept in! When I got home we were all hungry so we went to eat burger's at Burgess! YUMMY!!!! Those onion rings were so good!!!!

After our tummy's were full, we picked up my mom and headed to the Wichita Mountains. We drove around and saw some buffalo and long horn grazing in the fields and then headed to the Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. There were some really neat things in there including a kid's room where it is hands on, a video about how the buffalo, elk, longhorn, turkey's and other animals were brought to the mountains and lots of other cool things.

Momma, Momma L and Carey posing by the buffalo...
Nice Elk, nice deer...
We love our families being together...
Can you "pick" the winner?
Posing with the tatonka skull...
After we finished looking around there, we went to Meers to have some longhorn burgers and the best cobbler you have ever put in your mouth! That was a great way to end the day!!!

God Bless You!

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Kristen said...

oh how I would lovea Meers burger!