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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't faint, but.....I'm BBAAAAAAACCCKKKK!!!

Okay, so it has been SEVERAL months since I have last blogged! Please forgive me and please stop with all of the death threats!

Here is an update as to what has been happening in the crazy lives of the Leighow's...(sorry no pics, I am doing this at work!)

April -
I went to see Carrie Underwood in concert and it was awesome! We had floor seats and I even got to high five her hand!!! We (my mom, dad, me, Brando, Kayce and Melissa) had a blast!!!!!

Carey also spoke to several FCA's in Lawton Public Schools and several youth groups and had a great response!

We got a puppy! She is a West Highland White Terrier (Westie for short) and her name is Chloe! She was born March 4 so she really is a baby and we love her so much!

May -
So school finally came to a close and I was ready for the summer!!!

Carey continued physical therapy throughout the month trying to get his Achilles strong again.

I got a new cousin-in-law! JR and Nat finally got married on May 10th and it was an awesome day! They were both so beautiful and the wedding was just magnificent! We all had an incredible time and are so thrilled to watch them grow in their new journey as husband and wife! We love you guys!

June -
We took a huge family vacation to Cancun, Mexico! My parents, Carey's mom, bro, sis n law, niece, nephew, sis n law's family, and more family on Carey's side. Total there were 18 of us! We had an incredible hotel right on the beach and an awesome view to all the "big" boats! We did swim aerobics every day, swam in the pool and ocean, played beach volleyball, some went on a pirate ship dinner, rode four wheelers in the Mexico jungle, snorkeled in an underwater cave (SCARY!), some swam with dolphins, went to three dinner shows that were fabulous and of course worked on our tans! We had a phenomenal time! Thanks to Carla who set the whole trip up! We love you!

Also, in June, Carey was able to speak at a youth retreat at Camp Y'Shua with First Baptist West. We were out there two days and got to know a great youth pastor and his wife and his fun youth group.

Carey also went to camp at Turner Falls with our Youth Group (in which he got into a fight and came back with a black eye!!!) We had an awesome turn out of students who went and he continued to go back down there one night a week with our youth pastors for five weeks.

July -
Carey finished with physical therapy and his Achilles continued to get stronger each day.

Our church hosted the 2nd annual "I Love America" in Elmer Thomas Park in Lawton and Carey was able to speak and do some feats of strength at it. There were awesome fireworks over the lake and all in all, it was a great night! We had over 200 people come forward!! Praise God!

I also started volleyball practice for the upcoming season, my summer was officially coming to a close! So sad!! :(

Carey was fortunate enough to go on a mission trip with our high school leadership team from our youth at Lawton First. They went to Mexico and it truly changed every person's life who went down there. They saw things that they couldn't imagine and several little kids touched the hearts of our high school boys and our men! The pictures and testimonies they brought back brought tears to my eyes!

This month was also a hard month for my family. My Nana fell and broke her hip. She ended up having surgery the next day and I spent the next two weeks staying in the hospital with her with a few nights off in the mix of it all. She has dementia so needless to say, she was very confused and it called for some long sleepless nights. She was in the hospital for around two weeks and then moved to the Nursing Transition Unit (which is a glorified nursing home and we were NOT pleased). I once again stayed there off and on for the time she was there which was around 10 days. We made the hard decision to move her and my papa into Ten Oaks Retirement Center for the extra help and therapy that she needed in August. At that point, we had no idea how long they would be there or if they would get to leave.

August -
Carey and I had been praying for a long time and came to the hard decision that it was time for him to retire from the Power Team. For many reasons, we both felt that the time had come for him to move on to something else that God was preparing him for.

We were able to go on our mid high mission trip to OKC for two days and help an intercity church. We had a great time getting to know the kids, the other adults who went and also the church members. I fell in love with this little girl who I held most of the day Saturday and didn't want to give her back to her mom!

School and the volleyball season started this month as well. I had worked on and off throughout the summer at school to get ready for the upcoming year. We were back and rearing to go! Our volleyball season got off to a rocky start but we started to peak by the end of the month.

Nana and Papa were living in Ten Oaks and as therapy began, we could see Nana getting stronger and prayers being answered!

We also had a sleepover with our youth leaders at Christina's house and I finally played cops and robbers for the first time! We had so much fun! The interns were there with us and I miss the girls so much! (Love to you Whit and Ems!!!)

Linda flew in to stay a few weeks with us since we were unable to go to Missouri this summer. We hadn't seen her in a while so it was nice to have her with us! She had back surgery about a month prior and had upcoming knee surgery. She is doing much better with both and we ask that you continue to keep her in your prayers as she recuperates!

OU played their first game against a not so hot team and came out victorious!

September -
Volleyball ended up doing pretty well. We finished our regular season 16-11 and we are getting ready for regionals on October 9th. Wish us luck! We also had our varsity sleepover at the house last Friday night. Carey was there with me, Coach Kemp and 14 high school girls! He went bowling with us and then ducked into the bedroom once we got back to the house. I just can't understand why he didn't want to make beaded bracelets and necklaces with us! What a party pooper! But he did get up early the next morning and make homemade donuts with chocolate icing and cinnamon and sugar! YUMMY!!!

Nana has continued to get stronger and stronger. She is now walking with a walker and eating by herself and doing things that we never thought she would do again! We are truly blessed each day that we have with her! Papa and her have decided to go back to their home at the end of October. Please keep them in your prayers as they walk down a difficult path of uncertainty.

We are in full swing of Home Groups. Home Groups are Sunday nights when our youth is broken into smaller groups at someones house. We are fortunate to have the best house and home owners ever! Sam and Angie have provided such a fun environment to learn the Word! Our relationships with the students are really growing as well!

OU has continued to roll over their opponents! Ranked Numero Uno in the polls this week!!! BOOMER!!!! Can I get a SOONER!!?????

Carey had the privilege of speaking at a See You At The Pole Rally up in Sand Springs, OK (near Tulsa) last Wednesday. He spoke to around 250 students and had around 85 answer the alter call!!! Praise God!! New Christians names written in The Book!!!!! How can that not be exciting?!?

October -
Today, Carey spoke at Lawton Christian School during Chapel. I hope it went well!

Also, we are still praying about the path that God wants us to take with Carey's job. Carey has not felt led to a specific job in the secular world and we are praying for His will to be done and not ours. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we trod up and down the mountains of uncertainty. We know our faith will only grow through this and we are thankful for all of our blessings He has already given us! We are thankful to our family who has been by our sides in this time...we couldn't been doing it without you! You know who you are Mom, Dad, Linda, Bryan, Carla, Grams, Judy and Mickey! We love you!

God Bless You!


The Pettijohn's said...

No ONE is more EXCITED than ME to have you back on blog world!!! I lessened the death threats long ago, but I am thrilled to welcome you back :) ha!

We know wonderful wonderful things are in store for The Leighow's! YAY! You're back!!

Love you cousin!!!

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Lizzybeth said...

Wow, what crazy things going on in the past few months. Glad that you all are doing well. Tell Carey that I knew it was just a matter of time before his late-30's started catcing up with him on the Power Team! I think that the YMCA is hiring for trainers...

tommie said...

oh my girl....just reading that made me tired. I know tired...I have two under five!