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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chloe Faith Leighow

This is our dawgter and we are so proud of her! She is our pride and joy! She was born March 4 and weighed 2 pounds. She is now up to 8 pounds and is so naughty!! We love her very much!
This is the day we brought her home!
Riding on her daddy's shoulder!
She loved to ride there!
Her ball is as big as her head!
So tiny sleeping by her daddy!
She is our little princess! Thanks Gran and Grandpa for spoiling her!
Her first bath! Now she loves water! You can't take a bath without her either jumping in or whining wanting in!
This is her infamous Polar Bear pose! She loves to have her belly scratched!
She loves to be dressed up! This is her "Out on The Town" dress...leopard is so in this year!
This one is from Auntie Christina and says Easy Rider and she loves to sit in the driver's lap when she goes bye bye!
This is her "around the house" dress. It says Dogalicious!
Now did you think I wouldn't have an OU Bandana for her? She wears it every game we watch! Thanks to Whit who bought it for her!
She was peeking out at us!
She is dancing pretty here! Her Daddy has taught her lots of tricks! She can sit, stay, dance, shake and lay down! She is a genius!
She is finally growing into her big ears!
She loves the pool and likes to work on her tan with Gran!
Here is Daddy, Hunter, Mikey and Chloe! What a group!

God Bless You!


The Pettijohn's said...

My fave: the OU bandana! duh :)

Boomer Sooner!

tommie said...

she is too stinkin' cute.....isn't this the kind of dog your mom has?

Holly said...

That is the cutest dog!!!

Lizzybeth said...

I am speechless right now!! LOL!!