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Monday, October 20, 2008

OU Cheer Alum Weekend

What a weekend we had! We drove up to Norman for practice on Friday night and it was so good to see everyone! In case you don't know, OU has an alum game for the cheerleaders every other year and we get to catch up and pretend that we are still young and in the shape that we were in! (That is definitly not the case! I am still sore from just two days of it!!!) Me, Carey, mom, dad, Shane and Alicia all went to the game and it was great family fellowship for us all! Thanks for coming to support me!

Here are just a few of the pics from the game....
These are the girls I cheered with at some point in my 4 years at OU
Building our stunt
The BIG A!!!
Now this is the OLD School group! These are the ones who started the All Girl Squad and the ones who were on co-ed that year!
Practice at the OU Football Indoor Facility!
Steph can still pull that stretch! She was my flier at OU!
Carey and me
The entire OU Cheer Alum group!
Carey and me on the field!
"U" Baby!
Sooner Chant!
I feel so at home on the field! I love the smell of the grass and sweat and the feel of the sun beating down and the sound of the pads knocking together!!!!!
Go Murray!
Cool Shot!
Pick it up D! We need Mike Stoops back!
Bradford back to pass...
Punting time...
Me and Bubba
Bradford shuttle pass
Alicia and me!
Carey is even doing a #1! I converted him!!!!
Alicia, Shane, Mom and Dad
Look at those stats! Record Breaking stats!!!
Nice victory!
Stoops running off the field in victory!

If you would like to see more.....click on the link below to see them all from the weekend! http://www1.snapfish.com/share/p=861201224524994590/l=436887281/g=6058229/otsc=SYE/otsi=SALB

Saturday morning before the game, we headed to watch Mikey and Jess play soccer. Mikey scored 2 goals and Jess scored the only goal that her team had! Mikey is number 37! Great job guys!

Thanks for letting us crash at your house Bubba!

God Bless You!


The Pettijohn's said...

I'm sooo jealous!!! The game looked SO fun!! So many Sooners!!! LOVE, LOVE.

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

Lizzybeth said...

You go girl...look at you!!