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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arkansas Weekend!

This is a quote from my sister in law and it speaks for itself...
"you know you are a redneck when your idea of a great weekend is loading up the kin folk and the firearms and heading out to Arkansas!"

Well call me a red neck and check out our great weekend! LOL!!!

We loaded up the kinfolk (mom, dad, Carey, Chloe and me) and headed to Arkansas to meet my brother, my neice, my nephews and his girlfriend Alicia and her two kiddos. We had a fun filled weekend! We arrived Friday night and ate dinner with the entire family and were able to meet Alicia's mom, stepdad, two sisters and their families. After dinner we headed to a Haunted Forest which the kids liked alot! Saturday, we got up and watched Ike play football and he got an interception! Then we headed to Alicia's house to get ready for the Halloween party she was having. Carey brought the firearms and the older kids were able to shoot out in the pasture. Lots of fun!

After everything was set up, it was dress up time! We had so much fun dressing up and the kids had a great time too! They had a hayride, a bonfire that Carey built, music for the kids to dance to, night time volleyball and lots and lots of food!!! Who could ask for anything more?????????

Thanks Alicia for an awesome weekend! Love ya!

Me, Jess and Carey...a preview of what the weekend holds!

Me, Hunter, Carey and Mikey

Ike playing football!

The view behind Alicia's house!

I got skillz!!!!

Love this pic of Jess and me!!! So many people think we look alike...what do you think?

Ike looks like a natural!

Now that is the pro!!!

Jess's first time shooting a shotgun!

The gun I will use when I get my first deer! (positive thoughts!)

The crew (minus dad and Carey since they didn't dress up!) Alicia as a gypsy fortune teller, Shane as a pirate, Hunter as the Incredible Hulk, Jessica as a mummy, Gran as a pig in a blanket, Mikey as a Jedi, me as a Zombie Hunter and Chloe has her Halloween shirt on too!

Carey, Mikey, Jess and me....what a great face Mikey!

See what happens when you talk back to your wife???

How do you kill already dead people?

The newest Leighow family portrait! Maybe I'll blow this one up and hang it over the fireplace!

Who looks meaner?

Shane, Alicia and Mikey going on the hayride!

Mom and Dad by the bonfire that Carey made!

Lauren dressed up as a tight rope walker! She is so cute!

Mikey and Ike...Ike is Harry Potter!

Hunter has big muscles just like the Incredible Hulk!

Hunter and Mikey excited for the hayride!!!!

God Bless You!

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The Pettijohn's said...

Looks like SO much fun! Love all the costumes!