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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

He's BAAACCKK.....

So YEA my hubby is home for three whole weeks! The crusade ended on a high note with the biggest crowd Sunday night and many salvations! The Holy Spirit was sure moving that night!

Carey got home on Monday and was sooo tired! We hung out around the house and then went to my Papa and Nana's for dinner. Papa and my mom cooked an awesome meal! They wanted Carey to have a good home cooked meal after being on the road for two weeks. They are the best!

After a day of rest, Tuesday we decided to run some much needed errands. On the way to Wal-Mart, we saw one of the best *mullets* I have EVER seen! (For those of you that didn't know, I am a mullet junky! My college friends and I use to have a Mullet Board in our house where we posted random pictures of mullets that we took from all over the US! Oh you should have seen some of those...) Anyway, back to the best mullet around...Carey and I both saw it and freaked out! It reminded us of Gallager with the bald spot on top and his hair was down his back!!!! He was trying to stay beside the car until I could get my camera out of my purse (of course it took FOREVER to find it but he did a great job of keeping up with the car!) Enough talk about it...a picture is worth 1000 words...or laughs in this matter!

***Disclaimer***If you have a mullet or a family member has one, then I do apologize. I am not making fun of the hairstyle, I am addicted to taking pics of it!!

Ok...back to us! We got a few fun things during our errands including matching watches...LEIGHOW POWERS ACTIVATE!!!

and a new shower head! Our other one was yucky and this one is awesome! Carey installed it in about 5 minutes! Yea for my handy man hubby! Thanks sweetie!

Carey cooked a tamale casserole and I got to use my Arthur Court chip and dip bowl that has never been used! I am loving being able to use all this pretty stuff that has never even been out of the box!

Here's a pic of Carey watering...our grass is the greenest in the neighborhood and our neighbors are wanting to know what C uses to make it look so good!

God Bless You!!!

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the scrappy chic said...

Hey Ashlee! We start back Aug. 2oth. Sorry you are already at it. The kids start the 23rd. I went Tuesday and worked until midnight on my room so that I don't have to go back there until it is mandatory:) I want to enjoy my last week and a half. I hope it is going okay for you and that you have a great year!!!