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Friday, February 22, 2008

Surgery Set...

So Wednesday is the big day. Carey will have surgery to repair his Achilles Tendon which is torn in two. Yes, that's right. It is severed. According to the surgeon, "he did it good!" He will be in a splint cast for two weeks and then they will put on an actual cast for at least two more weeks. He will be on crutches for at least four weeks with no weight bearing. After that, only the good Lord knows what will happen. They will see how he is healing and decide whether to take the cast off or what the next step is. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!

All we can do right now is to thank God for his injury and to look forward to the lesson He is going to teach us. At church, we have been learning about trust and putting ALL of our trust in our Father. These are the sermons I have listend to the past two weeks and they were sure delivered at the right time...there is no place like the present to put these principals to the test.

T - Take an inventory...are we really putting all of our trust in God? It starts with us trusting and God will do the rest! The devil wants us to trust ourselves and not put it all in His hands.

R - Recognize God as our source...God gives us the power, strength and breath to make it through each day and any trials and tribulations that we may face. We are ungreatful if we believe we can do it without God.

U - Understand God's principals...Who's in Charge (Who is going to run our lives...the One who created me and the One who knows me the best), To Give and Grow (We need to learn how to give if we want to grow with Him), Do it Now (Procrastination is straight from the Devil. He will make sure tomorrow never comes!), I'm in Debted to Him (we are in debt as soon as we are born to Him, we will never be blessed if we feel like we are owed), The Fountain of Youth (we live forever through our giving)

S - Surrender everything to God...We have to surrender everything that we have to Him. He will never give us more than we can carry and He will always be there to carry the part that is too heavy for us to carry alone! He expects us to surrender everything from family, finances, burdens, pain and sorrow. There is nothing we go through that God has not touched.

T - Trust God's promises....He will provide if we trust. He may not be early, be He will never be late. He is ALWAYS right on time.

Trust is something that is difficult for many people to give and to feel. I personally have had a hard time trusting people because my flesh has been burned but through God he has made me whole again and able to love and trust so deeply. So why is it that He is capable of teaching me to trust again but it is so hard to totally trust in Him?

I challenge each one of you to look at your life truthfully and ask yourself...do you trust Him???

These are just some things that God has put on my heart!

God Bless You!

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