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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have been tagged!

I was tagged by Nat so here goes...

10 years ago:
I was a sophomore at OU and living in the sorority house with Deanna (my suite mate in the dorms), Andrea (her little sis) and Brandi (my big sis) and cheering for John Blake on the field in front of not too many happy football fans!

Things on my to do list today:
Be the best nurse I can be to Carey!

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire?
First off, pray about what to do with the money! After all, it's His money first! Second, pay off our house and any debts that we owe, set up college funds for future children as well as nieces and nephews, make sure that mom and dad and Momma L are set for the rest of their lives. And get Carey the truck that he has been wanting!!!!

Three of my bad habits:
1.) Biting my nails (even though I have fake ones, I still bite on them!)
2.) Gossiping (I have been working on this one and turning it over to the Lord!)
3.) Procrastination

Five jobs I have had:
1.) Worked as gymnastics coach at the YMCA with 3,4 and 5 year olds for a summer
2.) Worked as a sales person for Harold's Outlet Clothing Store in Norman for two months
3.) Coached at a cheerleading and tumbling gym in Moore for 5 years
4.) Taught at Central Middle School for 7 years and coached cheerleading for 3 years, softball for 2 years, basketball for one year, volleyball for 3 years and track for 4 years.
5.) Coached at a cheerleading and tumbling gym in Lawton for 1 year

Five things people don't know about me:
1.) I am scared of the dark!
2.) I love skim milk and could drink it with any food!
3.) I still sleep with a bear that I got at my 10th birthday!
4.) I am fearful about being a good mommy!
5.) When I blow my nose, it is like a fog horn! I don't do it around many people!!!!

I tag these people: Erin and Josh, Liz, Tommie, Amy, Kristen, Meghan and anyone else that wants to!! Copy and paste into yours and fill in your answers!

You're it!!

God Bless You!


tommie said...

I can't believe it has been seven years that you have been at Central!

I'll do this soon and let you know when.

Hope the patient is doing well. Get him a little bell!

JR & Natalie said...

Thanks Ash! Love knowing all that randoms stuff! You're cute!

Kandi girl. said...

oh my.. I bite my nails still too!! I hate it and ask for the strength to give it up everyday!