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Monday, December 10, 2007

What to do with no light....

So today was quite the day at school...at around 11:30, our electricity went off for good!!!

It started out with just going off and on for a few times and then nada! I was in my "hole" and I have no windows or emergency lights or exit light or anything so needless to say when it went off, it was pitch black!!! My door was closed so there was literally no light poking in. My kids started to panic so I told them to just sit there and I would find the door. I was using my arms as my "antennas" waving them about so that I didn't run into anything face first and knocked one student in the back of the head....oops! I finally found the door and sent all my kids back to class. (we had to gather their things with the light from my cell phone!) This was also during one of our lunch periods! The kids were in the cafeteria screaming! They finished and dumped their trays but we still had 6th grade eat lunch in the dimness of the emergency lights!!!

We thought it would come back on but not so much. Carey was in the parking lot bringing my Aunt Nay Nay and I lunch when he felt this rumble beneath his truck and he turned around and saw a big fire ball going across one of the electric lines. I guess enough ice was finally on the branches to make them fall and take out some of the poles!

Between 11:45 and 3:00, we had over 700 students call home and parents pick them up. It was total chaos! They were packed in the school's circle drive three cars wide and parking on the main street to come and get their kids. Our school phones didn't work since they run off electricity so kids were in the halls using cell phones (with permission) and getting jackets (the heaters obviously were out too!). Parents were rushing in like it was a bomb threat or something and running up and down the halls looking for their kid. We (teachers, counselors, principals) were trying to locate kids but with computers down, we had no access to schedules!!!

We even had a parent who showed up for a meeting and wanted to still have it, so we held it in the library by the light of the window!!!

By the end of the day, the emergency lights were even barely on. We were going off of the light coming in through the windows.

Trust me...it is a day that I will not soon forget!!!!

And, I am getting a flash light for my room!

God Bless You!


JR & Natalie said...

wow! well growing up in TX, a snowflake meant no school!! flurries were like a snowstorm :)

tommie said...

are you still in my old classroom? I was trying to remember the windows....That is cool though. Were you at the old building when there was an earthquake? I thought something blew up on post!

Lizzybeth said...

My kids live for something "cool" like that to happen at their school!!

the scrappy chic said...

Sounds fun!!!