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Friday, November 16, 2007

Personality Quiz...

One of my friends Tommie took this quiz and hers was pretty dead on so I thought I would try. How accurate is mine in your eyes? I added some little notes out to the side!

The Choleric's Emotions...
Born leader
Dynamic and active
Compulsive need for change (um, I don't think so. I don't like my cheese moved!)
Must correct wrongs
Strong-willed and decisive
Unemotional (have you met me? who knows what emotion will come through next!)
Not easily discouraged (depends on the situation)
Independent and self sufficient
Exudes confidence
Can run anything

The Choleric As A Parent
Exerts sound leadership
Establishes Goals
Motivates family to action
Knows the right answer
Organizes household

The Choleric At Work
Goal oriented
Sees the whole picture
Organizes well
Seeks practical solutions
Moves quickly to action
Delegates work
Insists on production
Makes the goal
Stimulates activity
Thrives on opposition

The Choleric As a Friend
Has little need for friends (I do not agree with this one!!!)
Will work for group activity
Will lead and organize
Is usually right (well duh!!!)
Excels in emergencies

Here is the link so you can try it yourself!

God Bless You!


JR & Natalie said...

I love these kind of things! Knowing more about the components of your personality can sometimes give you a better understanding of yourself! I always enjoy knowing more about why I am the way I am, well most of the time! haha!

That was a very thoughtful comment...

tommie said...

That test comes from a book called Personality Plus. The rest of the subtitle is something about Understanding Youself to Understand others. It also has sections in the book about how your personality meshes with the other personalities. Really neat to see if you have Carey take it as well.

BTW, I would not have pegged you as Choleric....I would have said Sanguine. I taught this book in a book study many years ago!