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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!!!

I celebrated my Halloween last night. Carey got to hunt with Coach Kemp's husband while she and I went to the Cement Halloween Carnival with her daughter Ashley. It was so much fun! We even went through a haunted house!!! I got to do the cake walk and the soda walk...took me back to the carnival days at good ole Central High! They even had a jail too!!!!! I wish I was a little kid again sometimes!!!

I have to tell you my worst halloween memory....when I was about 6 or 7, my mom dressed me in my ballerina outfit and I had on my tutu, my leggings and even my tap shoes with the red crayons holding it together. I lived in the country, so my parents would drive to the end of each person's driveway and then I would get out and run to the door and run back to the car. Well, this one dreadful evening, I got out at the end of the Pittman's driveway and I knocked on the door and I got homemade cookies. Now as I child, who wants homemade cookies..I wanted the hard stuff...candy from the store!!! So already a little disappointed, I make my way up the long gravel driveway and I hear footsteps gaining on me! I turn around and a huge black dog is running after me! He was barking and panting and slobbering and whatever else a mean dog does! I take off running and what do I do.....I fall on the gravel, skin my knees up and tear holes in my leggings! I, for some reason, tried to pick up the cookies crying hysterically and dash back to the car. Just to top things off....the cookies were old and stale!!!! Needless to say, I never trick or treated at that house again!!!

I hope your Halloween is better than that one!

God Bless You!


JR & Natalie said...

I am laughing so hard right now imagining mini-Ash making a run for it, saving her special cookies being chased by a rabid dog! hahahahah! horrid, but so funny! Happy Halloween!! We love you!

tommie said...

not that it was funny at the time I am sure, but I did kind of laugh!