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Saturday, October 6, 2007

28-21...NUFF SAID!!!


Bevo...the next white meat!!!!

Today had its ups and downs. We attended a funeral this morning for a family friend who passed away this week. He was a die hard OU fan so I'm sure he is celebrating today! Please keep the McCarter family in your prayers.

We cooked a big lunch today for Momma L, mom and dad. We had a great time eating and watching the game! Linda is from Texas so she busted out her burnt orange shirt!!!!! When I first saw it, it knocked the breath out of me but I soon regained my breath and realized that the score of the game would speak for itself! (I still love ya Momma L!)

OU BEAT TEXAS!!!!! The game was great because we got a W but our special teams need a little bit of tweaking!!! And our penalties...good grief!

Lead em Up Bradford!!!

That's 7 points!!!

HUGE FUMBLE!!! Great job Defense!

Add another 7!!!!

DJ Wolfe is from L-Town!!!!

Red River Champs!!!

Carey is preaching tomorrow at Letitia so please keep him and the church in your prayers!

God Bless You!


the scrappy chic said...

Boomer Sooner!!!

JR & Natalie said...

What a game!! Boomer Sooner!!

Lizzybeth said...

You all are so die hard!! Cracks me up. You and Carey need to check this out...

Lizzybeth said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You both are the best!! Can't wait for Millie to meet you!! She sends her greatest thanks as well!

tommiea said...

Boomer sooner.....it is hard being in texas....the sea of orange is horrible on my street! Then my best babysitter left to go to A&M in College Station.

the scrappy chic said...

hey girl! we are going to try to make it in time for game day on saturday...just depends on how well we get around...i think it will be a good game...but we will definitely come out on top...fingers are crossed tightly. Our friend mark is a die hard tiger, and he's going with us. we go to the ou/mu game almost every year with him, and we have never lost. i don't think i would ever live it down if they won in norman.boomer:)

JR & Natalie said...

your lack of posting is sad. just sad. i'm so dissapointed.

tommie said...

so sorry, but I have to echo Natalie

u don't have to post 10,000 pics...choose one or two and post away.....

happy Monday, I really need to get to bed! Those dang kids like to get up before the crack of dawn!