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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weeks 14 and 15

We had our first prenatal visit with my new OB during week 14, Dr. Joslin and we LOVE him! Carey and I both feel beyond blessed to have him as our doctor! We didn't really know what to expect but we did the usual history and exam. We were also able to hear the heartbeat of our precious baby!! Carey absolutely glowed when he heard it for the first time! It's so incredible to see his heart melting even before he has laid eyes on his child! We asked if my parents (who were in the waiting room) could come in to hear the heartbeat and of course he said yes! They were able to hear it along with Carey's mom (we called her and had her on speaker phone!) What an amazing family we have!

We have set up our date for the gender ultrasound...February 18, however, our gender reveal party will be February 26! We have started planning the party and can't wait until that day!!!

I'm going to try and answer some questions that people have been asking:

I really have not had too many odd cravings (I eat odd anyway!) but the main one is I crave V8! Carey buys me cans and I will just down it in one or two drinks! I also have been eating pickles before I go to bed but I have always loved pickles...just maybe not as much! :-)

Baby L and I are both in good health. We have not had any problems and we will see all of Baby L's organs and growth update on February 18 so prayers for a good report are much appreciated!

Yes, we have a name picked out whether it's a boy or a girl and although many of you know, we are going to wait to blog it until we reveal the gender! Both names have family names involved and it was relatively easy for us to decide!

We think we know what colors we would like the nursery if it's a boy but we are totally clueless if it's a girl! We did finally decide which room to use for the nursery and that was a struggle in its self!

This is such a loaded question! Do people really wanna know how I'm truly feeling or are they just asking it to be polite? My answer varies depending on my mood for the day....some people get the "I'm feeling great" version and then others get what they asked for...sour stomach, tired, pains from my ligaments stretching, girls are heavy, back hurts, gotta go to the bathroom, insommia, hibbie gibbies, skin itches at night, stuffed up nose most of the time, trouble breathing, I could go on and on....so beware when you ask this question! You may get the latter version whether you like it or not!

Here are some pics from week 14

14 Weeks

Carey is already in love with this baby!

Well, I found out something new about me this week...I have motion sickness! I have NEVER had motion sickness...I am that girl who can ride roller coasters over and over again and it never phases me! I am that girl who was on a cruise the week before Hurricane Katrina hit and never got sick! I am the girl who can read for hours while in the car and never get nauseaus! Today...it happened...we were sitting in a car wash (Yup, a car wash!) and when the mechanical arms began to move, the sickness hit! All I could think about was "please make it stop!" Then clausterphobia hit as the blue wet strips covered the car! AAAAHHHH!!! My mom kept telling me that things would change about me during pregnancy and boy was she right! No more car washes for me!

I am looking forward to feeling the flutters of Baby Leighow! I keep reading where I should start feeling something around week 16 so every night I lay quietly trying to feel something but nothing yet! I'll keep you posted!

Here are some pics from week 15

Week 15

My newest love....my prego boppy pillow! Thanks mom and dad!

Since we don't know the gender yet, we haven't started on the nursery so all of Baby L's things are in the corner of our room! Spoiled already!

Some of the things that we have bought or been given for Baby L!

More stuff for baby Leighow!

It's still hard to imagine that this will be our family in five months!!!!

God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

OK,so I'm reading your blog tonight. but I couldn't wait til tomorrow! I love seeing the progress you and baby are making. Still so hard to believe you have that little miracle growing inside of you! It's fun to see you and C at this stage! love you three bunches!!!!

Ashlee and Carey said...

You are so silly momma! Just couldn't wait until the next day! LOL! Love you!

3greenbeans said...

I can't tell you how excited I am for you! You were MADE to be a mother and will absolutely ROCK at it, Ashlee!!!

It's so wonderful to be blogging about it because those moments will soon be distant memories. I turn my blogs into a blogbook and am so thankful to have them. I have my whole pregnancy with Griffin in a blog.

You look amazing and I'm so so happy for you guys!