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Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things About Me...

Okay so I have been tagged like a million times on facebook to do this list. I have put it off and put it off thinking how hard it was going to be. I finally decided that as I wait for another load of laundry to finish, I would do it...here goes...

1. I only knew my husband for two weeks when I knew I wanted to marry him...4 months later we were!

2. I am a DIE HARD Sooner fan! Winning and losing decides my mood for the day...maybe the week even....husband is slowly learning this!

3. I am amazed daily at how God blesses me and my family!

4. I am a talker and tell LONG stories!

5. I LOVE macaroni and cheese and could eat it for every meal!

6. My biggest fear is drowning...water terrifies me!

7. I can't wait to be a mommy one day!

8. I brush my teeth in the shower!

9. I am the biggest cry baby watching movies or anything on tv!

10. I talk to my mom and dad EVERY single day!

11. I am so blessed with the family I have...we are a unique crew but are so close! My cousins feel more like brothers and sisters than cousins and aunts and uncles are like second moms and dads!

12. I LOVE any roller coaster! There is NOT one I will not ride!!!! Bring it on!!!

13. Skim milk is my favorite drink...I drink it with EVERYTHING!

14. I still sleep with a bear I got when I was in the 4th grade!

15. I am named after the man Ashley in Gone With the Wind!

16. I hate coconut! EWWW!!! So gritty in my teeth!

17. If it's a game, I want to play it! I love me some games!

18. Competitive blood runs in my veins...I am not a good loser!

19. I am a sports fanatic and have been known to be called a "dude" on several occasions! More often by my husband!

20. My "In-Laws" are not in laws...they are my family!

21. I am very over protective of my friends!

22. My best friend and I have been friends for 24 years!

23. I was in ballet, tap and gymnastics growing up!

24. I would rather someone else be happy than me...in other words, I would rather be sad than see them sad!

25. I LOVE JESUS!!!!

If you read my blog, consider yourself tagged to do this as well!

God Bless You!


Lizzybeth said...

I really want to be your bff!

The Pettijohn's said...

#12 reminds me of our glory days at Six Flags----corny dogs and roller coasters, the good times!!

The Taliaferro's said...

great list ashley. yeah i'll have to agree your family is a "weird crew". I think it all ties back to good ole CHS. Its all good though.