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Friday, December 26, 2008

Greetings From Missouri!!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We are still in Missouri enjoying our vacation. We have been on NO schedule and just been as unproductive as we want to be....ahhhh sooo sooo nice! LOL

We arrived in Missouri Monday afternoon and settled in for a night filled with snow! It was so beautiful! We loaded up as a family and headed to see Four Christmases (which by the way, don't take the kids to see) but we all laughed enough to hopefully drown out some of the inuendos!

Tuesday we spent the day watching movies and just relaxed in our pajama's!

Christmas Eve, Dalen, Kathy, Andy, Sarah, Larry, Sue, Beth, Amanda and Jeremy all came over and we had a game exchange night. Carey and I ended up with "The Moment of Truth" and "Imaginiff". We have already played both and they are lots of fun!

Christmas morning, Santa came and we all opened our stockings and the kids (Brenton and Bailey) got to open one present before heading to Carla's parents house for the rest of the presents. We spent the day there and had a wonderful time!

Today, we are just vegging out and enjoying all of the family being together. I think I am going to venture out to Wal-Mart in a few to use my gift certificate for some holiday decorations that will be on sale! WHOO HOO!

I don't have any new pics to upload so you will have to wait for those until we get back to Oklahoma...sorry!

I will leave you with my now most memorable Christmas Eve story....all the family were here and had just finished eating dinner, sitting around talking and I decided I would start doing some of the dishes. I was on my last glass bowl when my fingers turned to butter and it slipped out of my hands and into the sink in which it proceeded to shatter into peieces! One of the big pieces came up and cut my pinkie in two strips causing it to bleed like a stuck pig! Of course everyone had to stop what they were doing and see what a mess that I had made. Now if you don't know me, I tend to get embarrassed if all eyes are on me which they were. I looked down and saw all of the blood and started to sweat and feel light headed....I don't know if it was the blood, the flesh I could see through the blood, the blood filling the sink, the 16 sets of eyes on me, the turtleneck I was wearing or the fact it might have been 80 degrees in the kitchen at the time but whatever the cause I thought I was going to pass out! Carey grabbed a towel and let me sit down while holding my hand above my head (still 16 pairs of eyes on me). Bryan came over with a first aid kit and we (we as in the two Leighow brothers not me) discussed what to do with me. Although I probably should have gotten stitches (can you honestly imagine what the ER would have been like at 10:00 on Christmas Eve????) , it was decided to use what we had....which was the ever magical.....wait for it....dun da da dun....SUPER GLUE! Yup, they super glued my meat and flesh together on top of the blood that kept coming and proceeded to wrap my pinkie until it was about an inch and a half thick with bandages (continuing the 16 sets of eyes on me!). The throbbing came about 30 minutes after I did it continued through the night. However, when morning came and I took off the bandages, the throbbing had subsided and it just looked gross! We put more bandages on (on top of the bandages that were actually superglued to my finger LOL) and went on about Christmas Day! This has now become my most memorable Christmas Eve story.....

God Bless You!


tommie said...

oh girlie! I am glad you are alright.

PS, how many eyes were on you back in Owen Stadium?

Happy New year

BaldSpot said...

You SUPERGLUED your finger. Amazing. I expect to see your war wound when you return to Sooner Nation. Hope your Christmas was the best!!!

- E-marp