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Friday, January 11, 2008

Munday, TX

So, I have been kinda slow on the posts over the holiday...SORRY!

We had a fantastic time in Missouri...it snowed on Christmas Day! It was so beautiful! I'll post pics of everything next week!

Gotta pig's head on my wall at my house too...you see pics soon!

Last weekend, one of my best friends dad's passed away. It really made me put some things into perspective. No matter how prepared you are for life, you never know when it will all be over. I am ready to meet my maker and am excited to know that one day I will! However, to see how the family struggles and goes through the tough times really hurt my heart. I don't want anyone to mourn over me. I want everyone to know how happy I will be and that I will be in my Father's arms! That is the way we should remember those who are Christians. On the other hand, how awful is it to think about the non Christians who are in the depths of Hell? If that doesn't scare someone, then nothing will! I am so thankful for my salvation and for my Father sending His Son to die for me! Please keep the Clark family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time.

This week, Carey and The Power Team are in Munday, TX. That is only an hour and 45 minutes away from Lawton!!! My wonderful parents and I have driven down the last two nights for the program and driven back afterwards. My aunt Nancy went with us Wednesday and last night, my Grams went with us. The town is a small one with population of 1200 and Wednesday night there were 120 salvations and last night, there were 150!!! How amazing is that?! My parents and I are going down there to stay tonight and tomorrow night in a town about 20 minutes away (since this town does not have a place to stay). And tonight, I get to go Hog hunting! Not sure if I am excited about this or scared. The hog on our wall is not really something to get all hyped up about if you know what I mean. But it does mean spending time with my hubby so that is always good!!!

Tomorrow, I am driving to Abiline to see one of my other best friends from college Ashley. (Trust me, with lived together two years and it was quite confusing to have two Ashleey's in the house...we called each other by last name or by "ee" or "ey".) She is actually three hours from there but we are going to meet halfway and I am so excited! She had a little boy Wyatt who is almost two that I have not met yet and she is pregers again!!!!

Please pray for The Power Team this weekend and let's make it Satan's worst weekend ever in Munday, TX!!!!

God Bless You!


tommie said...

Just flipped thru the Christmas pics, everyone looks great!! Be Safety's friend driving this weekend.

3greenbeans said...

Life's sudden unexpectancies do put a new perspective on things, huh! I was so sorry to hear about the Clark's sudden tragedy!

I hope all is well! How is Wojtek doing?

JR & Natalie said...

Happy Tuesday! Hope you guys had a good time in Munday, TX!!

Lizzybeth said...

I've been missing out on what is going on with your lives...you need a new post!!