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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 22

Now that we know we are going to have a Trinity, stress and panic have officially set in! With Carey and I on different work schedules, we don't have much time to shop for furniture and bedding together so we have come up with a solution. We each look seperately and then email the other with pics of what we like! We are planning on going shopping over Spring Break and hopefully will have purchased the the above items!

We bought this Bible to start teaching Trinity the love of her Savior early! Carey reads to her almost every night! She gets to hear a different Bible story each time! We envision reading this to her before she goes to sleep at night and then eventually her reading to us! We love to think about her future and what plans God already has laid for her!
Trinity is growing!
Belly Shot
Daddy and Mommy Leighow

God Bless You!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 21 and The Gender Reveal Party!!

It's here!!! The time from the sonogram to the party was soooo long! We decided to go with the pink and blue theme...

Our invitation read:
Baby Leighow's Gender Reveal Party
Mommy and Daddy Leighow
Saturday, February 26 at 02:00 PM
Gran and Grandpa Blackstock's home

Will it be Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice or Frogs n Snails n Puppy Dog Tails?
Come be the first to find out if our new little joy is a GIRL or a BOY!!
We are going to find out when you do!!
Join us for an afternoon of snacks, sweets and surprises to share in our big announcement!
No gifts please! Just bring yourselves!
Mommy and Daddy Leighow

The following pics are from the family helping to get ready for the party and then the actual party itself! Sit back, relax and enjoy!!!

Mom, me and Linda working on things...
Will it be boy or girl? When the guests arrive, they will pick with color and wear it with pride!
He or She???
Carey and I working on the poll!
C thinks He and I think She!!!
Mom hanging up decorations!
Dad hanging up decorations!
Me, Dad and Carey still decorating!
My "New Mom" tiara and Carey's "Dad to Be" Medal!
Fun deco to scatter around!

There were five of these bottles for people to guess how many pacifier candies were in there!
Are you Team Trinity Kaylynn or Kayden James? Our poll on the blog is 15 boys and 14 girls! The final count at the party was 21 boys and 18 girls!
The bling football bopper that maw got Baby L!!!
The table where the madness is about to begin!
The very excited and anxious mommy and daddy to be!
Maw, me and Carey
Our prego lady cake by Beth's Cakes!
Mom, Carey, me and Dad
Papa, me and Carey
Some of the spread...
More food!
PINK Lemonade and BLUE punch
Some cupcakes for the kids! Pink and Blue ornaments on each one!
The time has come....here we go!!!

Happy kisses!!!
It's a GIRL!!! See the pink!!!
Maw telling Bryan he's going to have a neice!
Pink Italian Creme Cake
Our Daughter's Name...

Carey and I had decided on the name Trinity before we even got pregnant! Trinity honors our Heavenly Father who is the only one who could create this precious miracle growing inside of me...
Kaylynn...Kay is my momma's middle name and Lynn is Carey and my dad's middle name and Carey's mom's name is LINda (and yes there are MANY other Lynn's in my family and also another Kay!) We wanted to truly honor our earthly moms and dad and also our Savior!

What an amazing day! Thank you Lord for blessing us with a daughter! A huge thank you goes out to momma, daddy and maw for helping us get ready for this party! And thank you to all who came to our special day! We love you! Trinity is so blessed to have you all in her life!

If you would like to see all of the pics click here:

God Bless You!

Weeks 19 and 20

Week 19 -

We had our 2nd trimester prenatal Quad Screening and praise the Lord, all tests came back normal! We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat again and it was 145...it sounded so strong! It's so amazing to continue to fall in love with a baby that you have only heard the heartbeat! Dr. J says we are doing great!

Week 20 - HALF BAKED!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!

This week we were able to see Baby L in about a 30 minute sonogram! It was Carey, his maw, my mom, my dad and me! What a special moment to see God's miracle in my tummy! Baby L was moving around like crazy! Everything looked perfect with no abnormalities and we feel so blessed to have received that news! We were able to see the blood flowing, the chambers of the heart, the bones, the spine, the toes, the feet (which were about an inch), etc! Baby measured at 11 inches and 14 ounces which is right in the normal range. The sonographer was so nice and was really excited to hear about our Gender Reveal Party! When it was time to look at those baby parts, she turned the screen away so we couldn't see anything and then she wrote down the gender and put it in a sealed envelope! It was so surreal knowing we held the gender in our hands but didn't know! We took the envelope to Beth Sanchez who owns Beth Cakes and she was ready to make our cake for the Big Reveal!!!

Baby looking straight at us!
Baby's Feet
Baby L's profile!

God Bless You!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weeks 16, 17 and 18

Being snowed in a week, you would have thought I would have blogged by now!

Don't forget to take the gender poll to the right!!

Today we are 18 weeks and 3 days! Time really is flying by! I'm finally starting to stress about the nursery, getting things cleaned out and just realizing we are going to have a baby in five months! However, we really aren't looking at furniture, paint, bedding, etc until we know the gender of Baby Leighow...we have looked a little but looking at everything without being able to narrow it down is a bit overwhelming for me. And those of you who know me, know that I am a planner so not being able to plan is pretty excruiating for me! LOL!

I've had some people requesting updates on some things...
I truly am an odd eater! I eat grape jelly in my mexican rice, drink skim milk with all meals at home, mix corn with cottage cheese, etc, so cravings for me have always been there since before I was with child! LOL! I was craving shrimp cocktail the other day so I bought a frozen package and ate almost all of it in one sitting and as I'm sitting here typing this, I realized I was craving shrimp scampi and popcorn shrimp the past few days so hubby took me to Red Lobster last night....hmmmm...maybe this shrimp obsession IS a craving!!!

Baby L and I are both doing well. I still haven't felt the baby move yet so we are anxiously awaiting that moment! We have a doctor's appointment Thursday for second trimester testing to make sure the baby is healthy. Please say a prayer that all turns out positive! Sleep has become spontaneous...I crash at night however, usually wake up in the middle of the night and lay there for a while before sleep surrounds me again! I get up so many times to go to the restroom throughout the night that Chloe won't even sleep with us anymore...she sleeps on the couch in the living room! She's a tad put out with me! LOL!

Carey has been reading to the baby almost every night! This is the book we read to him/her!
It is one of the most incredible things to witness watching my hubby lay his head on my growing tummy and just talk to the baby! I can see his love for this baby just growing by leaps and bounds!

Here are pics of the last three weeks....

Week 16

Week 17

Week 18
My parents have gone above and beyond to help us throughout this pregnancy... cooking healthy meals for us, taking us out to dinner, helping put up and take down Christmas decorations, buying some maternity clothes and items for me and goodies for the baby, and many other things that we will never be able to thank them for! We are eternally grateful!! We love you!!

God Bless You!